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Feb. 21-23, 2020


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Annual Conferences of NABI
  • Annual Conferences of NABI (NABICON's) are being held consecutively for past 19 years. They are the epitome of culmination of an excellent academic feast and social extravaganza. Besides a galaxy of National faculty, a large number of reputed International Burns experts have also actively participated in NABICON's in the past decade.

  • NABICON provides a platform to its members as well as non-members to present their work, exchange knowledge, review the basics and discuss the recent advances in all phpects of burn prevention, burn wound management, burn reconstruction, rehabilitation and research as well.

  • A one day CME program is conventionally scheduled on the first day of the Annual Conference. Senior and experienced faculty members deliver the lectures with the basic aim of teaching the younger colleagues and students.

  • The Safdarjung NABI Professorship oration, Bhimandas Bilwani oration, Lok Nayak Hospital Professorship oration, Mumbai NABICON Burns Research Lecture, other Guest lectures & invited talks of faculty, NABI Best paper session, Free paper sessions, Poster presentations etc collectively contribute to a variegated and highly informative cum educational scientific feast.

  • The list of Annual Conferences of NABI held so far is given below. A brief report with some pictorial glimpses of Annual Conferences (17th-26th NABICON's) is currently available with the Secretary as the soft-copy and is hyperlinked on this page for viewers to cherish. It is sincerely submitted that if any NABI member has soft copy of the report and pictures of any more NABICON(s), the same may kindly be forwarded to the Secretary at for uploading on this site.

-28th Conference - NABICON 2020, Shimla HP

-27th Conference - NABICON 2019, Prayagraj, UP

-26th Conference - NABICON 2018, Guwahati

-25th Conference - NABICON 2017, New Delhi

-24th Conference - NABICON 2016, CUTTACK

23rd Conference - NABICON 2015, Ludhiana

22nd Conference - NABICON 2014, New Delhi

21st Conference - NABICON 2013, Vadodara, Gujarat

20th Conference - NABICON 2012, New Delhi

19th Conference - NABICON 2011, Chennai, Tamilnadu

18th Conference - NABICON 2010, Puducherry, Tamilnadu

17th Conference - NABICON 2009 and 7th APBC, New Delhi

- 16th Conference - NABICON 2008, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

- 15th Conference - NABICON 2007, Mumbai, Maharashtra

- 14th Conference - NABICON 2006, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

- 13th Conference - NABICON 2005, New Delhi

- 12th Conference - NABICON 2004, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

- 11th Conference - NABICON 2003, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

- 10th Conference - NABICON 2002, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

- 9th Conference - NABICON 2001, Manesar, Haryana

- 8th Conference - NABICON 2000, Mumbai, Maharashtra

- 7th Conference - NABICON 1999, Mehsana, Gujarat

- 6th Conference - NABICON 1998, New Delhi

- 5th Conference - NABICON 1997, Chennai, Tamilnadu

- 4th Conference - NABICON 1996, Calcutta, West Bengal

- 3rd Conference - NABICON 1995, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

- 2nd Conference - NABICON 1994, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

- 1st Conference - NABICON 1993, New Delhi